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In doing research for remodeling projects and new home construction, Honolulu residents might encounter the term Design-Build. What is Design-Build and how does it differ from the other way remodeling projects are done? More importantly, what are the benefits of the Design-Build process to the homeowner?


Design-Build is a delivery system in the building and construction industry that is based on a better meshing of the design and construction phases. Having the same team involved and being accounted to from conception to completion has tangible benefits to a homeowner. There is less of a continuous accountability, there is no 'handing of the torch' to others along the way and a realistic budget is driving and controlling the design.

Design-Build makes possible:

  • A design that is based on a realistic and real-world 'numbers' (whether or not the project is a full tear-down and rebuild or if it's a kitchen remodeling).
  • One point of contact and increased collaboration for increased client satisfaction.
  • A value-based feedback system making for more flexibility and potential changes in design and materials.
  • The almost simultaneous completion of the individual tasks of design/drawing creation, acquisition of building permits, and even the actual construction of the planned structure.
  • A shift from individual construction phase savings to lowering overall project cost.

The alternative:

When not going the Design-Build route, the advantages of it mostly disappear. Owners would engage with a designer or an architect first. Plans would be developed based on the owners' wish-list and adherence to a realistic budget guideline is rarely if ever accomplished. Contractors and builders are then evaluated mostly based on price and are engaged for the work without the owners having the opportunity to meaningfully work with them first. By and large this route has the following disadvantages:

  • Less of a guarantee on the maximum project price.
  • Several points of contact and less accountability since several service providers are involved.
  • Less flexibility when it comes to changes in the original design and materials.
  • When changes are approved, more time is needed to again bid out for the lowest cost.
  • The near impossibility of a value-based feedback system.
  • The step-by-step completion of the project and that "back to the drawing board" feeling when changes are needed.
  • An emphasis on trying to cut costs at individual phases of the entire process rather than have the larger picture in mind and the savings inherent in that approach.

As you can see, there are definite and meaningful advantages for Design-Build. Dumore Construction and Remodeling is a Design-Build contractor. Our designs have been featured in local media numerous times. Our design flare rivals that of the best architects in Honolulu. It certainly is superior to most Design-Build firms around. See why we are the home builder Honolulu residents have turned to for the past two decades; contact us today! Please note that we are also versed in techniques for green construction; Honolulu is the perfect location for an environmentally friendly home and particularly for substantial savings on both your energy and water bills.

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