Steel Framing in Hawaii Prevents Termites

Hawaii is noted for many things. It is noted for its natural beauty, rich history, and great surfing. There is something else that Hawaii is noted for, though. It is the national leader when it comes to the steel frame home.

There is a quite significant reason why homeowners and business owners turn to steel framing. That reason is termites. These tiny creatures are abundant in the tropical paradise – thriving in the moist climate and feasting on its ample supply of wood.

The Termites of Hawaii

There are seven species of termite that make Hawaii their home. Among them is the extremely voracious Formosan termite (Coptotermes formosanus), which is a serious pest in the state. It is an invasive species that has been in Hawaii since the mid-1800s. Today, doing battle against this type of termite alone costs Hawaiians $100 million annually.

There are reasons why, even among termites, the Formosan is considered a formidable foe:

  • A single colony can contain 10 million termites
  • Formosan termites will chew through brick, concrete, and even electrical wiring to get to wood.
  • A Formosan queen termite can lay 2,000 eggs per day!

In order to battle the termites of Hawaii, every wooden structure in the state requires repeated treatment with powerful chemicals known as termicides. Failure to detect the creatures can lead to ruinous results.

Shutting Down the Food Source

For a termite in Hawaii, the place can seem like an all-you-can-eat buffet. The humid, tropical environment and abundance of wood products are a termite’s delight.

While there really is not much that can be done about Hawaii’s climate, there is another part of the equation – wood. That is something that can be addressed. The answer to shutting down the termites’ buffet is to limit the amount of wood to which they have access, and the way to do that is by building with steel.

Even though the Formosan termite can chew its way through a wide variety of substances to get to wood, not even it is a match for steel. That is why the steel frame home and steel framing in general have become such an attractive option for residents and business owners in the state.

Beyond Termites

Of course, the benefits of steel framing are not limited merely to protection against termites. It offers a myriad of other advantages as well. A few of the key benefits associated with steel include:

  • Steel is resistant to hurricane-force winds.
  • The material is fire resistant as well.
  • Steel is an eco-friendly choice of building materials.
  • The material does not rot, twist, split, bow, or crack like wood can.
  • Steel lasts longer than many other materials.
  • Steel offers better indoor air quality.

Steel also offers the advantages of being more cost-effective and longer lasting than wood. It takes 1/3 the time to construct framing for a house using steel than with wood. This means you save time and labor costs. With these myriad benefits, it is clear to see why steel is a top choice.

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