Home Additions Options in Honolulu

Home Additions in Honolulu

Why You Need a General Contractor for Your Honolulu Home Remodel

Aloha only goes so far. It’s hard to be part of the islands’ happy spirit when your house is so small that members of the ohana have no privacy or quiet. The solution? Do what the ancient Hawaiians did: add onto your house. We’re not talking palm fronds or bamboo poles: what you need is a fully modern, completely up-to-code room addition, second story addition, or other addition to your home in Honolulu. That extra bedroom, expanded family room, or master bath will not only bring peace of mind to your household, but can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value and potential retail price.

So now that you know you need an addition, where will you find the right person or people who can understand what you want and execute the plan on time, according to your wishes and on budget? Many homeowners imagine they can do the job themselves. That’s fine if you happen to be an experienced construction professional with an intimate knowledge of materials, techniques, and site engineering, along with an understanding of the sometimes labyrinthine code requirements. If you are not that person, however, the chances of instigating a DIY disaster increase by a hundredfold. Your family will have to live with the consequences of your errors for a long time.

Most people think they know how to handle this problem. “Hire a contractor!” they say. Those who have had improvements or additions done in the past or have seen friends or relatives go through the process might have second thoughts, and with good reason. Just finding a reliable contractor who will show up on time, listen closely to your wishes, and hire competent subcontractors can be time-consuming and exhausting. Even if you had the hours to painstakingly sift through the resumes, testimonials, and claims of rival contractors, not to mention meeting with them face-to-face for a personal interview, you may still miss telltale details and red flags and end up making a costly mistake.

For your room addition in Honolulu, or your second-story addition, the smartest move would be to hire a licensed design build contractor who will manage the entire project from beginning to end, including design and plans. No, it isn’t more expensive, especially when you consider the fact that a major home addition in Honolulu requires for you to have plans drawn up in any case. You may be amazed by how reasonable a design build contractor’s rates can be, even in the Hawaiian islands’ largest metropolis. Your design build contractor will oversee every aspect of the project, while consulting with you on your schedule. You remain free to live your life and do your work with no fretting over cabinet pulls, heat exchanges, or the finer points of bathroom plumbing. Because your design build contractor has professional status, they are invested in seeing work done that marries form and function and has some aesthetic value. Compare that to a contractor who darts to several jobs a day and whose responsibility ends when the check is cashed.

It’s a privilege to live in paradise. Shouldn’t your home addition in Honolulu reflect the beauty of the islands and the remarkable blend of tradition and innovation that’s so much a part of life here? When a design build firm does your remodel, you can be assured of having a thinking, caring human being supervising the whole process. You’ll have insured, trustworthy workers on your property. You’ll have a contract that’s adhered to, with no messy overages. Best of all, no one will ever know how surprisingly affordable your Honolulu addition turned out to be.