ADU Or Ohana Unit? Which Is Better For Your Honolulu Home?

When it comes to building a smaller house on the same property where your Oahu residence is, it can be hard to decide which option would be better, the Ohana Unit or the ADU.

How Do You Decide Which Is Better?

Whether you are looking to add on some space to your home, trying to earn some extra income, or just adding on for a family member to live in, a home addition is a great option. When you are deciding which option would be the better choice for you, you need to think about how close you want the house to your house.

What’s the Difference Between Ohana Units and ADUs?

An Ohana Unit has to be connected at the roof of your house. This type of unit can only be rented out to people who are within the family, including blood relatives, related by adoption, and related by marriage. ADUs are located on the same property, but do not have to be connected to the existing house. 

The Benefits Of The Two Add-Ons

There are many different benefits when it comes to these two add-on home additions. One of the benefits of having an Ohana Unit is the fact that you can add on for your mother and father to be able to live close, yet still have their independence. The only downside to the Ohana Unit is the fact that it cannot have a fully functioning kitchen, so if you are looking to build something that has its own kitchen then you are going to have to go for the ADU. 

The benefit of building an ADU is the fact that it is basically a small house, so you can rent it out and make a side income. The ADU will be close enough that you will be able to keep a good eye on it, but still allow whoever is living within it their privacy.

Both ADUs and Ohana Units add extra value to your home thanks to the fact that you are able to rent both out. This is an awesome opportunity for families who need some extra money from month to month. 

ADUs and Ohana Units are both great add-ons to already existing homes. You just need to sit down and figure out exactly what you are looking for and then go from there. No matter which addition you decide to go with, you will be very happy with the outcome.

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